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We stock a full and extensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, including Eckart Rotary, Semi-Rotary and Lift & Twist Actuator Units, and Noah Electric actuators.

Eckart Rotary Actuators

Our Eckart rotary actuators and rotary linear actuators are available as both hydraulic and pneumatic units, each compactly designed to fit where limited space is available. Operating around a multiple helical gear design, the actuators transfer linear motion into rotation. There are a wide variety of output shaft types available, and the angle of rotation can be easily adjusted. With high quality manufacturing to close tolerances, expect a high degree of positional accuracy alongside exceptional performance and reliability.

  • Hydraulic units up to 250 Bar Working Pressure
  • Pneumatic units up to 10 Bar Working Pressure
  • High performance & reliability
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Noah Electric Actuators

Utilising an on/off modulating system (100% duty) with integral and spring return, the Noah series of electric actuators are particularly suitable for quarter turn applications in piping, ducting and in various manufacturing plants. With a compact and simple design, they are ideal for water treatment plants, pulp or paper processing, ship building and in air conditioning, when combined with ball, butterfly, plug and damper controls. Various modes (60Nm – 2,500Nm) and options ensure reliability, quality and the best automation solutions from Noah’s electric actuators.

  • Extensive range of rotary, linear and fail safe options
  • Wide range of modes
  • Battery backups
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NOD / NOS Series Pneumatic Actuators

The NOD / NOS range of Pneumatic Actuator units are available in both single and double acting optional models, in a wide selection of specifications. These pneumatic actuators are primarily for 90° operation of valves and dampers, featuring an Anodized surface & double coated cylinder inner face to offer indirect contact between scotch and cylinder. The NOD/NOS series of actuators have long proven to be reliable and robust.

  • Unique Scotch – Yoke design
  • ISO 5211, DIN 3337
  • Single (NOS)and double (NOD) operational models

SDH Series Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuators

The SDH (Sung Do Line) series of heavy duty, scotch yoke pneumatic actuators provide a wide range of torques up to 299,00Nm. Each actuator in the series is designed to operate ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers or any other device that requires a quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling service. A symmetrically designed yoke ensures maximum torque at both ends of the 90° cycle, whilst the square slide bearing provides smooth stroke operation, minimises wear and delivers a high cycle life.

  • Ideal for Quarter-Turn Valves and Dampers
  • Double Acting and Spring Return
  • Delivers consistent torques of up to 299,000Nm