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The Staffa gearboxes “G” range are single reduction Epicyclic gearboxes that extend the continuous torque capacity of Staffa motors by up to 104KNm, each with a host of additional features.

Staffa Gearboxes G020/030

The G020 and G030 Staffa gearboxes include a comprehensive range of 6 different sizes, each versatile in their application and designed specifically for Staffa motors to deliver optimum gear ratio. A modular concept offers over 40 combinations of geared motor transmissions, which can also be combined with a multi-plate brake assembly. Constant torques are delivered throughout an infinitely variable speed range, and a balanced transmission package ensures the Staffa gearbox is suitable for both automotive and industrial drives.

  • Smooth, uniform running at all speeds
  • Modular design and concepts – plug in, and up-rate in service
  • Lower maintenance costs – upgrade without disturbing drive shaft