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Kawasaki Pumps

Working closely with Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Ltd., we supply the best low noise, high efficiency electric hydraulic pumps, utilising the latest Kawasaki pump technology.

Kawasaki K3VL Variable Displacement Pumps

Kawasaki’s tried and tested K3VL series of hydraulic pumps have an extensive range of applications across machines and equipment in every sector, specifically developed for the global Marine, Mobile and Industrial markets. Highly efficient and compactly designed to save space, they feature through drive capacity, high self-priming speeds and a continuous 320 Bar pressure rating to make these Kawasaki pumps extremely robust and reliable. An extensive range of integral control options are all standard, giving you exceptional overall specification and performance.

  • Available in SAE and ISO mounting options
  • Pressure limiter and load sense combination
  • Torque limiter control
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Kawasaki K7VG High Pressure Pumps

With a newly developed high-pressure swash plate type axial piston pump, the KV7G series is especially suitable for heavy duty applications. It features and optimised piston/slipper and high load bearings, giving it consistent high pressure and a long-life span. A unique valve plate design and rigid pump casing ensures noise is kept to a minimum, and the spherical shape maintains high efficiency and a high self-priming capability. Auxiliary or second pumps can be easily mounted, and the K7VG is also applicable to fire-resistant fluids, including Water Glycol and Esther based Bio-degradable oil.

  • Reliable high pressure and long life
  • Low noise and high efficiency
  • Optional through drive
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Kawasaki K8V Closed Loop Pumps

Developed as a swash plate and closed circuit type pump, the Kawasaki K8V series builds on the proven designs of the K3V/K5V pumps. The latest design and manufacturing techniques have been used to incorporate Kawasaki’s advanced high efficiency technologies. The K8V series is suitable for HST (Hydro Static Transmission).

  • High efficiency and low noise
  • Wide range of controls
  • Various valves and charge pump necessary
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