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Kawasaki Motors

Choose from our extensive range of Kawasaki motors to get the best possible performance for your requirements, including Kawasaki’s first high-speed hydraulic motor series.

Kawasaki M7V Series

As Kawasaki’s first high-speed hydraulic motor, the M7V series delivers high power options in a compact design that incorporates all the latest technologies. With impressive smooth operation and excellent starting characteristics, it offers a superior performance at both high and low speeds. The unique swash plate design ensures the M7V Kawasaki motor is a compact solution for all your requirements, as well as providing a longer bearing life. The wide selection of controls also makes the M7V suitable in many applications.

  • High speed performance
  • Smooth starting characteristics
  • Applicable to an open and closed circuit

Kawasaki ‘M’ Series

The ‘M’ series of axial piston motors from Kawasaki provide an extensive range of options for use in construction and industrial machinery, available in both fixed displacement and variable displacement options. These displacements range from 64cm3 to 800cm3. The M2X and M5X range is particularly suited to swinging operations in industrial vehicles, with swash plate type piston motors. For more general use, the M3X range offers fixed displacement motors, whilst the M3B provides variable displacement options.

  • Wide variety of displacement options
  • Excellent self-priming capabilities
  • High speed, high reliability.