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The Staffa Radial Piston Motors are available in three forms, the single displacement range from HMB010 upto HMB700, the dual displacement range from HMC030 upto HMC400 and the 3-speed range from HMF080 upto HMF325Newstaffa-motors.


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointConsistent, controlled acceleration of loads with smooth, steady, low speed operation

Advanced Actuators bullet pointMoving parts are immersed in hydraulic fluid, so Staffa motors do not require periodic lubrication

Advanced Actuators bullet pointSave money by increasing usable drive power and reducing drive train maintenance

Advanced Actuators bullet pointThe only fully hydrostatically balanced design in the industry.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointLess wear and superior starting torque because there is minimal metal-to-metal contact within the motor


Additional information

The Staffa motors are low speed/high torque units giving output torques from 2.7Nm/bar up to 172Nm/bar.

These motors will interface directly with the Staffa range of brakes and gearboxes to give a complete drive unit.

The Modular design concept enables the motor to be continuously adapted to the changing customer needs.

This concept allows product availability and service to be matched to market requirements.

All Motors are rigorously tested and documented before shipment and are fully warranted.

Download the  Staffa Motor catalogue – ‘HMB’ Range Single displacement (4.9mb pdf)

Download the  Staffa Motor catalogue – ‘HMC’ Range Dual displacement (4.9mb pdf)

Download the  Staffa Motor catalogue – ‘HMF’ Range 3-Speed displacement (0.9mb pdf)

Download the  Staffa Motor catalogue – ‘HPC’ Range High Pressure Dual displacement (5.5mb pdf)

Download the NEW – HPC400 Launch Bulletin (8.8mb pdf)

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