Staffa gearboxes

This range of Single Reduction Epicyclic gearboxes extends the continuous Torque capacity of the Staffa motor range up to 104 kNm. This comprehensive range of 6 units, are designed on the modular concept, offering over 40 combinations of geared motor transmissions. Additionally these combinations can be combined with a multiplate brake assembly, fitting inside the front of the gearbox casing.StaffaG030Gearboxes


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointComplete Transmission – full range gives a balanced transmission package for both automotive and general industrial drives

Advanced Actuators bullet pointFlexibility in Service – modular concept enables drive to be up rated in service with minimum inconvenience

Advanced Actuators bullet pointConstant Torques – throughout the infinitely variable speed range

Advanced Actuators bullet pointLower Maintenance Costs – modular system enable the motors to be overhauled without disturbing the drive system

Advanced Actuators bullet pointUniform Running at Low Speeds – speeds at fractions of an r.p.m. can be achieved smoothly

Advanced Actuators bullet pointModular Design – plug in concept enables standard motors to be fitted from existing stocks

Advanced Actuators bullet pointStaffa Gearbox – designed specifically for the Staffa motor. Optimum gear ratio and ( torque multiplication ) for each gearbox


Additional information

This versatile gearbox accepts standard spline shaft Staffa motors and allows the system designer to select the optimum combination to match the hydraulic and output parameters of the transmission.

Within the gearbox both the sun and planets are precision manufactured from high quality alloy steel forgings and case hardened. The planets being crowed to give maximum tooth engagement under various loading conditions. The annulus is produced from a hardened alloy steel ring.

The gear teeth are involute 20 ‘ pressure angle stub tooth form, which reduces sliding, improves rolling, increases strength and so provides a more efficient transmission.

The gearboxes are designed for self-contained oil lubrication and universal mounting with either a splined or flanged output.

Staffa Gearbox units – G020

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Staffa Gearbox units – G030

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