Staffa brakes

A full range of Staffa Brakes to suit the Staffa Hydraulic Motor range from HMB010 to HMB400.StaffaBrakeunitsF101_F202_000


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointRanges include the Multi-plate Brake series F030/45, F101, F202 and F402

Advanced Actuators bullet pointNew more compact design, containing fewer wearing parts, easier to maintain

Advanced Actuators bullet pointAvailable as integral brake unit for gearbox units

Advanced Actuators bullet pointMore competitively priced size for size

Advanced Actuators bullet pointWe can still supply the old series Staffa Shoe Brakes F100 and F200 if required.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointA full range of spares are also available for all brake units including the Staffa Shoe brake designs.

Advanced Actuators bullet pointWe offer a full service and Repair facility backed up with original spares and full warranty.


Additional information

This range of free mounting oil immersed multi-plate brakes have been designed to replace the F100 and F200 drum brake units. To assist inter-change ability the mounting and mating faces have been kept the same, but the overall space envelope is slightly different due to more compact actuators on the F030 and F101. On the F202 and F402 units the external actuator as been eliminated totally.

All brake units are spring applied, hydraulically released to permit their use in emergency brake applications. Each brake type will directly interface with the Staffa/Kawasaki motor frame sizes within its range capabilities.

If the brake is not to be attached directly to the motor then it can be supplied as a totally enclosed free mounting unit. (The letter W would be the prefix to the part number.) The torque specification of each model can be factory adjusted to suit particular applications up to the maximum rating of the brake.

Staffa Brake F101

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Staffa Brake F202

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