Pneumatic Actuators

NOD / NOS Series Pneumatic Actuators

The NOD / NOS  range of Pneumatic Actuator units are available in both single and double acting options.
Primarily for 90° operation of valves and dampers these actuators and reliable and robust.


Scotch – Yoke design

Anodized surface & double coated cylinder inner face

ISO 5211, DIN 3337

Indirect contact between scotch & cylinder

Single Operation Models – NOS40 to NOS210
Double Operation Models – NOD40 to NOD210

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SDH Series Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators for Quarter-Turn Valves and Dampers Torques to 299,000 N.m
Double Acting and Spring Return

The SDH range of heavy duty scotch yoke actuators offer a broad range of torques to 299,000 N.m
They are designed to operate ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers or any device that requires a quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling service.
The Symmetrical design yoke delivers maximum torque at both ends of the 90° cycle.

The square slide bearing with guide bar provides a high cycle life and smooth stroke operation whilst minimizing wear.

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