Eckart Rotary Actuators

We offer a wide range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Eckart Rotary, Semi-Rotary and Lift & Twist Actuator Units. These units operate around a multiple helical gear design transferring linear motion into rotation.


Key product features

Advanced Actuators bullet pointHydraulic units upto 250 Bar Working Pressure

Advanced Actuators bullet pointPneumatic units upto 10 Bar Working Pressure

Advanced Actuators bullet pointVarious mounting options

Advanced Actuators bullet pointHigh performance & reliability

Advanced Actuators bullet pointVarious output shaft types available

Advanced Actuators bullet pointAdjustable angle of rotation

Advanced Actuators bullet pointEnd of stroke cushioning available


Additional information

These units are manufactured to close tolerances which provide a high degree of positional accuracy giving minimum backlash.

Both Hydraulic and Pneumatic units are of a compact design allowing use in applications where only limited space is available.

SM4 Hydraulic Rotary Actuator Brochure

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HSE4 Hydraulic Rotary Linear Actuator Brochure

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